In Press

  • Fix J, Annesi-Maesano I, Boulanger M, Cheng S , Cortes S, Dalphin J-C, Dalvie A, Degano B, Douwes J, Eduard W, Elholm G, Ferreccio C, Frost G, Harding A-H, Jeebhay M, Kelly KM, Kromhout H, Lebailly P,  MacFarlane E, Maesano CN, Mitchell D, Naidoo S, Negatu B, Ngajilo D, Nordby K-C, Parks C, Sandler DP, Schenker M, Shin A, Sisgaard T, Sim M, Soumange T, Taylor M, Thorne PS, Yoo K-Y, Hoppin JA. Gender differences in respiratory health outcomes among farming cohorts around the globe: findings from the AGRICOH cohort consortium. Journal of Agromedicine.

In preparation

  • Henneberger PK, Humann MJ, Liang X, Doney BC, Kelly KM, Cox-Ganser JM. The association of airflow limitation with occupational exposures in a sample of rural adults in Iowa.
  • Plombon SB, Humann MJ, Liang X, Kelly KM, Henneberger PK.  Association of chronic bronchitis and airflow limitation with lifetime and current agricultural activities.