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Manuscripts in Press

  • Kelly KM. Biological basis of cleft palate and palatal surgery. In: FJM Verstraete, MJ Lommer, B Arzi (eds), Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Dogs and Cats (2nd ed). Saunders: Philadelphia.
  • Campo S, Kelly KM Rohlman DS. Occupational safety, health, and well-being programs in small Midwest enterprises. In: HL Hudson, JA Nigam, SL Sauter, LC Chosewood, AL Schill, J Howard (eds), Total Worker Health: Integrative Approaches to Safety, Health, and Well-being.
  • Donham KJ, Meppelink SM, Kelly KM, Rohlman DS. Health indicators of a cohort of Midwest farmers: health outcomes of participants in the Certified Safe Farm Program.  Journal of Agromedicine.

Submitted for publication

  • Alterman T, Tsai R, Ju J, Kelly KM. Trust, social capital, and cardiovascular disease risk: Findings from the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.
  • Fix J, Annesi-Maesano I, Boulanger M, Cheng S , Cortes S, Dalphin J-C, Dalvie A, Degano B, Douwes J, Eduard W, Elholm G, Ferreccio C, Frost G, Harding A-H, Jeebhay M, Kelly KM, Kromhout H, Lebailly P,  MacFarlane E, Maesano CN, Mitchell D, Naidoo S, Negatu B, Ngajilo D, Nordby K-C, Parks C, Sandler DP, Schenker M, Shin A, Sisgaard T, Sim M, Soumange T, Taylor M, Thorne PS, Yoo K-Y, Hoppin JA. Gender Differences in Respiratory Health Outcomes among Farming Cohorts around the Globe: Findings from the AGRICOH Cohort Consortium. International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health.
  • Li X, Wu X, Kelly KM, Veng-Pedersen P, Lehmler H-J. Toxicokinetics of Chiral PCB 136 and its Hydroxylated Metabolites in Mice with a Liver-Specific Deletion of Cytochrome P450 Reductase. Chemical Research in Toxicology.

Manuscripts in Process

  • Plombon SB, Humann MJ, Liang X, Kelly KM, Henneberger PK.  Association of chronic bronchitis and airflow limitation with lifetime and current agricultural activities. In preparation.

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