Artificial Cranial Deformation by Eric John Dingwall (1931)

A Contribution to the Study of Ethnic Mutilations

Note: These pdfs were created using a photocopy of this extensive, authoritative, out-of-print, hard-to-get, book on cranial deformation. My apologies for the image quality.

Introduction (3.5 MB) Pp. 1-14
Chapter I. Artificial Cranial Deformation in Europe (5 MB) Pp. 16-45
Chapter II. Later Artificial Cranial Deformation in Europe (4.5 MB) Pp. 46-79
Chapter III. Artificial Cranial Deformation in Asia (2.8 MB) Pp. 79-101
Chapter IV. Artificial Cranial Deformation in Africa (5.3 MB) Pp. 102-121
Chapter V. Artificial Cranial Deformation in Indonesia and New Guinea (1.8 MB) Pp. 122-134
Chapter VI. Artificial Cranial Deformation in Melanesia (1.5 MB) Pp. 135-146
Chapter VII. Artificial Cranial Deformation in Polynesia and New Zealand (0.6 MB) Pp. 147-150
Chapter VIII. Artificial Cranial Deformation in Mexico, Central America and the West Indies (1.3 MB) pp. 151-160
Chapter IX. Artificial Cranial Deformation amongst the American Indians, North of Mexico (4.5 MB) Pp. 161-191
Chapter X. Artificial Cranial Deformation in South American (6.5 MB) Pp. 192-225
Chapter XI. Observations and Conclusions (1.9 MB) Pp. 226-241
List of Authorities Quoted (5.3 MB) Pp. 242-296
Appendix (0.5 MB) Pp. 297-302
Index (0.7 MB) Pp. 303-313