About Kevin M. Kelly

Kevin M Kelly is: is a broadly-trained anthropologist (BA, Anthropology, U Iowa; AM, PhD, Anthropology, U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) whose interests focuses on cultural, behavioral & biological facets of human health in the context of human variation & adaptability and whose publications address issues in anthropology, oral surgery, child health, environmental health, occupational health, evolutionary […]

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The Case of the Thieving Treasurer

In the “Case of the Thieving Treasurer” (with apologies to Earl Stanley Gardner), also know as “PHEASANT RIDGE OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC. d/b/a PHEASANT RIDGE HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff, v. WAYNE P. JONES a/k/a WAYNE P. JONES, JR.; WAYNE JONES d/b/a DREAM DESIGNS OF IOWA, LLC; WAYNE JONES d/b/a DDI, LLC; DREAM DESIGNS OF IOWA, LLC; […]

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