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Current Projects

Manuscripts in Press

  • Kelly KM, Riggs JA, Joganic E, Beals SP, McGuire MK, Littlefield TR. A prospective case study of cranial orthotic treatment of infants with isolated deformational brachycephaly. Global Pediatric Health. In press.
  • Kelly KM. Biological basis of cleft palate and palatal surgery. In: FJM Verstraete, MJ Lommer, B Arzi (eds), Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Dogs and Cats (2nd ed). Saunders: Philadelphia. In press.
  • Campo S, Kelly KM Rohlman DS. Occupational safety, health, and well-being programs in small Midwest enterprises. In: HL Hudson, JA Nigam, SL Sauter, LC Chosewood, AL Schill, J Howard (eds), Total Worker Health: Integrative Approaches to Safety, Health, and Well-being. In press.
  • Tamers SL, Goetzel R, Kelly KM, Luckhaupt S, Nigam J, Pronk N, Rohlman DS, Baron S, Brosseau L, Bushnell T, Campo S, Chang C-C, Childress A, Chosewood C, Cunningham T, Goldenhar LM, Huang TT-K, Hudson H, Linnan L, Newman L, Olson R, Ozminkowski RJ, Punnett L, Schill A, Scholl J, Sorensen G. Research Methodologies for Total Worker Health®: Proceedings from a Workshop. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine [JOEM]. In press.
  • Donham KJ, Meppelink SM, Kelly KM, Rohlman DS. Health indicators of a cohort of Midwest farmers: health outcomes of participants in the Certified Safe Farm Program. In press.
  • Rohlman R, Campo S, Hall J, Robinson EL, Kelly KM. What could Total Worker Health® look like in small enterprises? Annals of Work Exposures and Health. In press.

Manuscripts in Process

  • Plombon SB, Humann MJ, Liang X, Kelly KM, Henneberger PK.  Association of chronic bronchitis and airflow limitation with lifetime and current agricultural activities. In preparation.
  • Tsai R, Alterman T, Ju J, Kelly KM. Workplace social capital and cardiovascular disease risk factors. In preparation.
  • Fix J, Annesi-Maesano I, Boulanger M, Cheng S , Cortes S, Dalphin J-C, Dalvie A, Degano B, Douwes J, Eduard W, Elholm G, Ferreccio C, Frost G, Harding A-H, Jeebhay M, Kelly KM, Kromhout H, Lebailly P,  MacFarlane E, Maesano CN, Mitchell D, Naidoo S, Negatu B, Ngajilo D, Nordby K-C, Parks C, Sandler DP, Schenker M, Shin A, Sisgaard T, Sim M, Soumange T, Taylor M, Thorne PS, Yoo K-Y, Hoppin JA. Gender Differences in Respiratory Health Outcomes among Farming Cohorts around the Globe: Findings from the AGRICOH Cohort Consortium. In preparation.

Issues in Process

  • Rohlman D, Kelly KM (Special Issue Editors), Using Total Worker Health to Advance Worker Health and Safety, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. More information at TWHSpecialIssue.com

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